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Professional Engineering Services

The staff of PROFESSIONAL ENGINEERS at EK ENGINEERING, P.C. provide PROFESSIONAL ENGINEERING DESIGN SERVICES  FOR BUILDING RENOVATIONS AND BUILDING DEPARTMENT PERMITS that meets the client's project requirements and budget. We design for Commercial, Retail, Mixed UseIndustrial, Residential, and Institutional projects. Our SCOPE OF SERVICES range from pre-design feasibility studies to finished construction drawings and specifications for construction . FEASIBILITY STUDIES are a useful tool to help identify BUILDING COMPONENTS AND BUILDING SYSTEM DEFICIENCIES and determine corrective actions that meet the client's requirements and budget.  Our FEASIBILITY STUDIES also include order of magnitude construction cost estimates. After the corrective action that best meets the clients requirements and budget is identified, the client has the option to proceed to have the DRAWINGS AND SPECIFICATIONS further developed in to CONSTRUCTION DOCUMENTS to be signed and sealed by our PROFESSIONAL ENGINEERS for submittal to the BUILDING DEPARTMENT having jurisdiction.  Our services also include the following:

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