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Filing with the Nassau and Suffolk Building Departments for Construction Permits


The Building Department requires building owners to file engineering plans and applications with the Building Department for a construction permit.


When the construction permit is issued by the Department of Buildings, the contractor can begin construction for the new building or building renovation.

When the new construction is approved by the Department of Buildings, the owner will be issued a Certificate of Occupancy by the Building Department.


Construction Permits are Required for the following.

  • New Fence

  • New Deck

  • New Garage

  • Building Renovation

  • New AC System

  • New Ventilation System

  • Refrigeration Equipment

  • New Heat Pump System

  • New Heating System

  • New Boiler

  • New Fuel Oil Burning Equipment

  • Emergency Generator

  • New Fuel Oil Storage System

  • Legalization

  • Certificate of Occupancy

  • Change of Use Building Permits

  • Change of Tenant

  • Multi-Family

  • Letter of Completion

  • Letters of No Objections

  • Variances

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Image of Nassau Suffolk Building  Permit For Building Department
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