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FDNY Summons Corrections

  • Correction of FDNY Summons by filing with the New York City Department of Buildings for construction permit for new or renovated AC Systems.


  • The New York City Fire Department requires building owners to have Equipment Use Permit (EUP).  If the NYC FD finds owners operating AC Systems in NYC without the required Equipment Use Permit (EUP), the FDNY will issue a summons


  • Filing with the NYC DOB for Equipment Use Permit for new or modified AC System


  • Installation of new or modified AC systems requires filing plans with the NYC DOB for a construction permit.  Once the plans are filed with the NYC DOB and approved, the contractor can pull the construction permit with the NYC DOB and start construction.  When the new construction for the new or modified AC System gets final approval from the NYC DOB, the Equipment Use Permit is issued by the Building Department.

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